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Are you looking for a place to stay and be able to ride on the beach ?

Fernbank Farm offers you a place to camp and stay in your float or rent a room in the stables.


A yard or paddock for your horse for overnight or weekend camp aways.

Costs Per Night:

- 1 Float & Car $15 including 1 rider extra pp $5 if Camping overnight

- 1 Float $10 if not camping

- 1 Yard for 1 horse $15 if rider is staying on the property overnight

- 1 Yard for 1 horse $20 if rider staying off the property overnight

- 1 Paddock up to 3 horses $30 if riders stay on the property overnight

- 1 Paddock up to 3 horses $45 if rider is off the property overnight



We offer full care for your horse / pony / mini while you are on holiday, am/pm checking and feeding as required, Rugging if needed, stables if wanted stabling as well as able to give basic medications if needed. We have a generous sized paddock or smaller one if preferred.

Costs start at $55 per horse per week, care options additional will quote at time of booking.

Fencing is all electric horse safe, automatic water toughs

Special needs can be catered for just give us a ring to chat about PH 0418846700

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